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Ever wondered what it’s like to have a meal with an ex-offender?
Well, wonder no more! hear FROM your table host, an ex-offender, share about their personal story and get the chance to ask them personal, even controversial, questions! The cherry on top – great food, drinks & conversations.


Hello, we not recruiting gang member here okay, so you don’t get to choose.

Come and be surprised!


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2 x Drink
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What is Up Close & Personal about? What are the objectives of Up Close & Personal?

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You might be thinking – So many charities and non-profit organisations run events. How do I know that this event is something that really helps people?

Well, think about it. This event has 13 Table Hosts, all of whom are ex-offenders with dark pasts. Pasts filled with mistakes, shame, and guilt. If this is not a cause worth fighting for, do you really think that these 13 ex-offenders would be willing to bear it all?

Up Close and Personal seeks to build up the public speaking skills of ex-offenders as they share their stories with you.

This event also seeks to break public stereotypes towards ex-offenders. Who says ex-offenders cannot make it, and have no hope? As you talk with your Table Hosts, you will see that ex-offenders, just like any of us, can change, as long as they believe in themselves and are in the right community.

Up Close and Personal will be a 1.5 hour lunch/dinner session, with each Table Host hosting 4 guests. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Where will the funds for Up Close & Personal go to?

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Some of you might be wondering, how do I know my money will be going to a good cause?

All proceeds for this event will go towards supporting the programmes run by Architects of Life (AOL), a social enterprise that works with ex-offenders and youth-at-risks. AOL has empowered the very Table Hosts you will be speaking with in this event, to be able to share their stories publicly. So rest assured, your proceeds will go towards supporting a great cause 🙂


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Payments can be made by Paynow and bank transfer.

Is Up Close & Personal suitable for kids?

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Yes, definitely! Our dream in Architects of Life is that the ex-offenders we work with will go on to impact many lives, especially those in the next generation.
Therefore, please invite kids along as well, so that they can be inspired by the stories of the ex-offenders! 🙂

What if I have food allergies / dietary restrictions?

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Not to worry- You just need to let the Genius Central staff know what your food allergies/dietary restrictions are, and they will cater/recommend the perfect meal
for you.

Genius Central serves a wide variety of food items that cater to gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, egg-free and nut-free options. Genius Central does not
sell pork. However, given that the restaurant sells beer, kindly note that Genius Central is not a Halal-certified restaurant.

Check out Genius Central’s website at https://geniuscentralsingapore.com, to see their awesome food and drink items!

Where will Up Close and Personal be held at?

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Genius Central, located at #01-01 7-13 Amoy Street Far East Square, 049949

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