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Singapore’s Hidden Secrets, Uncovered

About The Tour

Discover Singapore’s hidden secrets in a first-of-its-kind walking tour!

Journey into the past with an ex-offender tour guide to the once-sprawling opium and gambling dens. And streets where police cases of triad members took place. Finally, hear first hand accounts in a up-close and personal dining experience with an ex-offender who will share their personal stories over a wholesome meal!

What It Includes

Walking Tour
Hearty Dinner
Endless Conversations

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Meet the Triad Leaders

Join one of our talented tour guides as they weave their personal experiences as ex-gang members into Singapore’s chequered past.

What to Expect

Learn about a nation’s history

And its battle with opium

Enter the underworld of secret societies

Experience their initiation rites

Hear the untold story of Singapore’s journey

To become the safe nation we are today

Dine with an ex-offender

Up-close and personal

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