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Program Design &

Learn How to Build a Sound Training Program that Engages your Defined Audience!



Educational Theories & Pedagogy


Learner Style & Psychology


Program Logic & Theory, Curriculum Framework (basic)


Instructional Design, Training & Assessment Method


Training / Facilitation Skills & Strategies


Handling disruptions & Barriers to learning


Classroom Management

Who this is for

PDD is a premium master training course specially developed for:


Program designers/ Coordinators

trainers & coaches

Why Should You Attend?

all trainings are conducted by glenn himself

Glenn is a programming specialist FIRST before being a Trainer. This is what makes him acutely aware of program logic design and what works/ does not work in trg programs.

“Most trainings fail not because the trainer is incompetent, but because the program design is flawed”

Below are some of Glenn’s credentials that make him the choice go-to trainer’s trainer in the field of program design!

  • 20 yrs practitioner experience in trg, coaching, facilitating over 800,000 students
  • 18 yrs in educational research & study
  • 12 yrs as a course-ware designer / developer
  • 10 yrs as an instructional supervisor & program auditor
2007 to
Lecturer at SSI, ECTA, SIM etc
2007 Completed ACTA (v1)
2009 Involved in developing the Mentoring & YCO (CCS) frameworks under the WSQ competency map
2010 Completed core modules M.Ed (Trg & Dev)
2013 Completed DACE (assmt pathway)
Training in prg design-specific courses (LPM, EdGE, FutureCoach etc)



accelerated learning in the shortest possible time

Most similar courses out there require 75 – 100hrs to complete!

Glenn has cut out all the unnecessary training elements. And distilled it down to only the essential required features for you to design your own training program.

At PDD, you only need to invest 12hrs to complete this course!

It will be conducted online via synchronous virtual platform (LIVE)

super crazy investment-value

A typical ‘Training Design’ program usually costs $2,000 in Singapore. The ACTA / TTT / STADA courses are in the range of $1,400 – $1,700.

We are now making this course available at a heavily subsidised rate.
Click ‘register now’ for more details!


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